MESA, Az. (March 14, 2016)—
Guided Therapy Systems (GTS), a world leader in ultrasonic therapy and imaging technologies, is presenting results from two musculoskeletal clinical trials at this year’s International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound Symposium in Tel Aviv, Israel. Both trials treated musculoskeletal injuries with GTS’ new non-invasive medical device, Actisound, which uses intense therapy ultrasound (ITU) technology.

“GTS is the first company to develop a product that delivers intense therapeutic ultrasound to repair musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries,” said Michael Slayton, Ph.D, founder and CEO of Guided Therapy Systems. “We are proud to demonstrate our team’s dedicated efforts and great success in applying high frequency ITU through the Actisound device to help people live healthier and more active lives by avoiding invasive surgeries for many of these very common injuries.”

“Through the statistically significant positive results coming out the trials, ITU innovations with Actisound have proven to effectively tackle the limitations that come with treating musculoskeletal injuries,” said Dr. Daniel Latt, principal investigator for one of the trials, and orthopedic surgeon and professor at School of Medicine, University of Arizona. “As an alternative to treatments already on the market, Actisound directly treats soft tissue deep within the body without breaking the skin. The reduced pain and recovery time from this non-invasive procedure speaks to the possibilities for this revolutionary technology.”

Dr. Slayton will present findings from two GTS sponsored clinical studies on chronic plantar fasciitis at University of Arizona and lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) at The Core Institute. Through the use of ITU, the double-blinded, sham controlled study for the treatment of plantar fasciitis had statistically significant improvement within 12 weeks post-treatment in 81% of treated subjects. Likewise 83% of patients suffering from lateral epicondylitis reported improvements in elbow pain, and showed significant improvement in daily function.

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About Guided Therapy Systems
Guided Therapy Systems (GTS) is a leader in ultrasonic therapy and imaging. GTS is the first company to develop and commercialize products that combine ultrasound imaging with intense therapeutic ultrasound, offering physicians the ability to image and treat with the same equipment, thus targeting and evaluating tissue prior, during and after a procedure. In 2004, Guided Therapy Systems separated into two companies —Ardent Sound, Inc. became the commercial manufacturer of diagnostic ultrasound imaging devices, while GTS incubates new commercial opportunities for its intense therapeutic ultrasound platforms. GTS brought intense therapeutic ultrasound to the forefront of the aesthetic device landscape through the creation of Ulthera—the only energy-based technology with an FDA indication for non-invasive tissue lift. GTS expanded into skin care devices for the consumer market with the founding of Xthetix, Inc., which was acquired by a Fortune 100 consumer products company in 2011. Today GTS has over 250 patents issued, published, and pending in support of their imaging and Intense Therapeutic Ultrasound (ITU) technologies as they continue to create new ultrasound technologies that diagnose, treat and heal injury.
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