MESA, Ariz. (March 30, 2016)
Guided Therapy Systems (GTS), a world leader in ultrasonic therapy and imaging technologies, is presenting results from high frequency ultrasound assisted drug delivery pre-clinical trials at this year’s Annual Conference of the American Society For Laser Medicine & Surgery, Inc. in Boston, MA.

“GTS is excited and encouraged by all of the capabilities of our Intense Therapeutic Ultrasound (ITU) technology,” said Michael Slayton, Ph.D, founder and CEO of Guided Therapy Systems. “We used our latest handheld ITU devices in these particular studies to showcase the benefits of the noninvasive method for transdermal drug delivery, including a relatively painless and quick treatment time.”

At ASLMS, Dr. Slayton will discuss the initial findings from the trials that were conducted on both ex-vivo pig and human skin. Color-coded Glycerin was applied as biocompatible biological medicant carrier to the surface of the pig skin, and results showed penetration of the Glycerin caused by intense therapeutic ultrasound technology was driven into the skin up to 1.5 mm.

Intense therapeutic ultrasound technology was also used to administer a topical anesthetic solution onto human skin. Results showed the absence of inflamed welts with the anesthetic and pain during the exposures dropped approximately two points on a 10-point scale for those with the anesthetic vs. those without, demonstrating feasibility of ITU-enhanced transdermal drug delivery of the topical anesthetic into the subcutaneous tissue.

Additionally, the results also showed that potentially higher molecular weight medicants with or without biological carriers appear to be feasible to deliver quickly and efficiently through stratum corneum representing natural skin barrier. This could potentially open up a variety of new clinical applications where localized drug delivery helps to increase efficacy, and avoid side effects—especially when combined with therapeutic levels of intense ultrasound.

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About Guided Therapy Systems
Guided Therapy Systems (GTS) is a leader in ultrasonic therapy and imaging. GTS is the first company to develop and commercialize products that combine ultrasound imaging with intense therapeutic ultrasound, offering physicians the ability to image and treat with the same equipment, thus targeting and evaluating tissue prior, during and after a procedure. In 2004, Guided Therapy Systems separated into two companies —Ardent Sound, Inc. became the commercial manufacturer of diagnostic ultrasound imaging devices, while GTS incubates new commercial opportunities for its intense therapeutic ultrasound platforms. GTS brought intense therapeutic ultrasound to the forefront of the aesthetic device landscape through the creation of Ulthera—the only energy-based technology with an FDA indication for non-invasive tissue lift. GTS expanded into skin care devices for the consumer market with the founding of Xthetix, Inc., which was acquired by a Fortune 100 consumer products company in 2011. Today GTS has over 250 patents issued, published, and pending in support of their imaging and Intense Therapeutic Ultrasound (ITU) technologies as they continue to create new ultrasound technologies that diagnose, treat and heal injury.

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